What is Rhinox?

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Rhinox is an industry leading supplier of Excavator And Telehandler Buckets, Attachments and Wearparts.

Combining over a quarter of a century of industry expertise and experience with modern design and manufacturing techniques has created Rhinox – the name synonymous with Strength, Quality and Reliability.

Rhinox specialises in supplying to equipment dealers worldwide, including UK, Europe, and US.  Some of our clients include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Original Equipment Dealers (OED’s) and Used Plant Dealers.

Our Expertise

Rhinox not only specialises in the industry standard ‘digger bucket’, but we can also offer specialist attachments such as riddle buckets, ripper teeth, landrakes and even manual quick hitches. With a huge knowledge of the plant machinery market, we know exactly what our clients require to do their job as efficiently as possible. This gives us the motivation to create innovative products such as the Rhinox Uni-Tusk and the Rhinox Micro Trenching Buckets.

Not only is Rhinox a normal manufacturer, but also a stocking manufacturer. Meaning our lead times can be as low as next working day. With nearly 20,000 buckets in stock at any one time. Let Rhinox hold your stock for you, so its ready for when you need it.

Digging Buckets
Grading Bucket
Tilt-Ditching Buckets
Rake / Riddle Bucket
Quick Couplers
Ripper Teeth
Pallet Forks
Concrete Buckets

Rhinox UNI-TUSK X1 – Blade System

Saving Lives And Reducing Maintenance Costs

Deep Dig / Micro Trenching Buckets

Up to 50% Less Reinstatement Costs, Up to 50% Less Digging Time

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