Meet the Rhinox Team

We believe that business is all about people, so we thought you might like to meet some of our enthusiastic team here at Rhinox…

Lewis Worsley

Sales Executive

“Hello, my name is Lewis Worsley, and I am the external sales representative for Rhinox Buckets! I am pleased to be part of a passionate and innovative team!”

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Ross Goodenough

Internal Sales Executive

“Hello, my name is Ross, and I am privileged to be part on the enthusiastic team here at Rhinox! I am an internal sales representative and am always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products!

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Kurt Rogers

Engineering & Supply Chain Manager

Kurt is responsible for the engineering and design of the Rhinox products, right through to the manufacturing and supply chain processes.  Watch the video to find out more about what his role involves.

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Don’t forget to check back soon as we will be adding more of our staff profiles on here shortly!