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The Rhinox Compact range of grading / ditching buckets has been designed to suit machines from 0.75 ton up to 9 ton.

With over 25 years of experiance serving the plant industry, we put innovation at the heart of what we do, and have designed our buckets with the end user in mind.

What makes a Rhinox Compact Grading Bucket different?

Here at Rhinox we understand that strength and durability are key features in the harsh construction environment.  We have used hi-tech CAD design software to optimise these features whilst applying state of the art manufacturing techniques to keep costs as low as possible.

The image below shows some of the key features that make our buckets stand out from the crowd.

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Grading Bucket Blade / Wear Strap Options

In todays construction environment, we recognise the importance of meeting our customers requirements.  This is why we offer a number of different solutions for bucket blades and additional wear protection to suit our customers specific requirements.

All the buckets in our 1.5 ton to 9 ton range can be fitted with the following requirements to suit your specific application.

Bolt-on Underblade

Grading bucket fitted with bolt-on wear bladeDue to the nature of work done by grading / ditching buckets, most customers fit an additional bolt-on underblade.

This blade is manufactured from high-quality European steel and is Heat Treated to 400HB to maximise the lifetime of the bucket.  The blade is beveled on both edges to allow it to be turned once worn out on one side.

Weld-on Wearstraps

Ditching bucket with additional weld-on wear strapsAnother optional feature we offer is for our grading buckets to be fitted with additional weld-on wear straps on the back of the bucket.

This is particularly applicable in high abrasion applications to prevent the bucket wearing out so fast.

Custom Branding Options

Rhinox now offer custom paintwork for our full range of buckets and attachments.

Initally available in 5 basic colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange) we offer a unique way to make your buckets easily identifiable and reduce the chance of them getting lost on site.

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  • Helps prevent losing buckets on site
  • Maintain a corporate identity
  • Enable easy identification of size ranges
  • Reduces chance of buckets being stolen
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
Excavator Buckets custom painted orange
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue badge
Excavator Buckets custom painted green
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
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