The Rhinox GET range of bucket teeth and abrasion resistant steel offers something for every application.

Whether you are doing general construction and civil engineering or digging rock in a quarry, our team of trained sales engineers are available to advise you on your requirements.

The Rhinox GET range covers all common excavator bucket teeth systems which use either bolt-on or weld-on methods. Teeth are available in a wide range of styles including general purpose teeth, abrasion teeth, rock teeth, penetration teeth and much more!

The Rhinox GET range includes bucket teeth to suit all common systems on the market including Caterpillar, Komatsu, MTG, Esco and much more.

Rhinox Bucket Teeth


The Rhinox range includes three grades of abrasion resistant steel, from which we can manufacture a wide range of bespoke cutting edges and wearblades. Available in either Single Bevel, Double Bevel or Square Section, we can supply in sections from just 12mm thick up to 40mm thick and 110mm wide up to 400mm wide, to suit your specific application.

Rhinox ST250 steel is a medium-duty wear resistant steel suitable for use on lighter construction plant and equipment. Hardened to 250 HB (Hardness Brinell) this steel can be easily cut, drilled and welded making it a very versatile steel.

Rhinox Ultra400 steel is an ultra abrasion resistant steel suitable for abrasive work environments such as Landfill Sites, Recycling Centres, and some less abrasive quarry environments. Heat treated to 400 HB (Hardness Brinell) this steel will greatly increase the working life of the blade, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Rhinox Extreme500 represents the ultimate in wear resistance. Heat treated to 500HB this steel is recommended for extremely abrasive such as mining and quarrying. Because of its extreme hardness this blade is very effective at minimising wear, and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

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