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The Rhinox Compact range excavator digging buckets is designed to suit excavators from 0.75 ton up to 9 ton.

With over 25 years of experience serving the plant industry, we put innovation at the heart of what we do, and have design our buckets with the end user in mind.

What makes a Rhinox Compact Digging Bucket different?

Here at Rhinox we understand that strength and durability are key features in the harsh construction environment.  We have used hi-tech CAD design software to optimise these features whilst applying state of the art manufacturing techniques to keep costs as low as possible.

The image below shows some of the key features that make our buckets stand out from the crowd.

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Rhinox Bucket Hook System

Our simple but brilliant solution for handling buckets comes as standard across our full digging bucket range from 0.75 ton up to 20 ton.

Watch the video to see how this solution makes manual handling faster, safer and easier.

Bucket Blade / Teeth Options

In todays construction environment, we recognise the importance of meeting our customers requirements.  This is why we offer a number of different solutions for bucket blades and teeth to suit our customers specific requirements.

All the buckets in our 1.5 ton to 9 ton range can be fitted with the following requirements to suit your specific application.

Bucket Teeth

Rhinox Compact Digging Bucket with TeethTraditionally all buckets were supplied with teeth, and this remains the most popular option especially where the bucket is involved in working in hard ground or bulk earth movning.

This option is the default option on all our excavator buckets.

UNI-TUSK Bucket Blade

Rhinox excavator bucket fitted with Uni-tusk bucket blade systemThis unique innovation was developed specifically for the Utility market where buckets are used in high abrasion environments, and there is a risk of cable strike.

The innovative shape of this blade system dramatically reduces the chance of cable strike and increases the life of the bucket by 4-5 times!

Bolt-On Wearblade

Rhinox Bladed excavator bucketAn increasingly common request by housebuilders and other large contractors is for buckets to be used without teeth.

Our range of bolt-on underblades are manufactured from high grade Italian steel, and help give increased life to your excavator buckets.  Blades are available for all digging and grading buckets

Custom Branding Options

Rhinox now offer custom paintwork for our full range of buckets and attachments.

Initally available in 5 basic colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange) we offer a unique way to make your buckets easily identifiable and reduce the chance of them getting lost on site.

Click Here for more information on bucket customisation
  • Helps prevent losing buckets on site
  • Maintain a corporate identity
  • Enable easy identification of size ranges
  • Reduces chance of buckets being stolen
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
Excavator Buckets custom painted Orange
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue badge
Excavator Buckets custom painted Green
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
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Looking to purchase mini excavator digging buckets?

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