UNI-TUSK X1 - Bucket Blade System!

Rhinox Uni-tusk Bucket Blade system

Following months of consultation with the plant hire industry and utilities contractors, Rhinox identified that many contractors are insisting that buckets are now used without any teeth fitted to reduce the chance of cable strikes.

It is estimated that 60,000 underground cable strikes occur every year, which puts the machine operators at serious risk of injury or death, and can cost businesses millions of pounds in associated damages and compensation.

Rhinox recognised the importance of protecting lives but also identified another issue that plant hire companies were facing; using buckets without teeth was causing maintenance costs substantially increase!

Why not just remove the teeth?

While removing the teeth from the bucket is an easy, short term solution, it does cause major long term problems. Bucket teeth are typically much harder than the steel used in a bucket, as this is usually the first part of the bucket that engages with the ground. This means that the wear resistance of the bucket is dramatically reduced.

Secondly, a sidecutter style tooth also reinforces the bucket by locking the side plate and the lip plate together. This means that the bucket isn’t relying on the weld alone.

Additionally, the lip plate on the bucket is welded directly to the shell, therefor making it very difficult, if not impossible for the lip plate to be replaced.

What are the benefits of the UNI-TUSK X1?

Key Features:

• No sharp edges – Reducing the risk of utility strikes.

• Large surface area – Large surface area means very efficient digging.

• Maximises strength – Sidecutter style tooth locks the side plates and the lip plates together.

• Heat treated – Heat treated cast steel extends the life of the tooth considerably.

• Fully replaceable – Bolt-on / bolt-off design means you can quickly replace the tooth instead of replacing the full bucket.

The UNI-TUSK X1 combines a tooth and blade in to one system with no sharp edges. This reduces the risk of penetrating underground cables and pipes. The large surface area of the UNI-TUSK X1 also increases the digging efficiency.

Because the UNI-TUSK X1 is designed like a sidecutter style tooth, it locks the side plates and the lip plate. increasing the structural integrity of the bucket.

The UNI-TUSK X1 is made from a cast steel which is hardened to 550HB (i.e. incredibly hard!). This means that the overall life time of the blade is considerably extended. Early trials show that the UNI-TUSK X1 can increase a buckets life time by at least 4-6 times.

Additionally, the UNI-TUSK X1 is a fully replaceable part. This means that instead of replacing the full bucket, you can just replace the tooth – making it the much more economical option.

What size buckets can the Uni-tusk be used on?

Rhinox offer the Uni-tusk bucket blade system in 4 sizes as follows:

  • 9″ to suit 1.5 ton and 3 ton buckets
  • 12″ to suit 1.5 ton and 3 ton buckets
  • 12″ to suit 5 ton and 8 ton buckets
  • 18″ to suit 5 ton and 8 ton buckets

The Uni-tusk attachment is designed to fit onto Rhinox buckets, but we don’t have any compatability info as to whether this will fit onto other manufacturers buckets.

See the Uni-tusk bucket blade in action