The Rhinox Tilting Dithing Bucket range is currently available to suit most makes and models of mini excavator in the 1.5 ton to 8 ton size range.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our tilting ditching buckets are manufactured to the highest standards, so you can be confident of the strength and durability of the product.

Check out some of the design features below:

Rhinox Tilting Ditching Bucket Features

Here at Rhinox we understand that strength and durability are key features in the harsh construction environment.  We have used hi-tech CAD design software to optimise these features whilst applying state of the art manufacturing techniques to keep costs as low as possible.

The image below shows some of the key features that make our tilting ditching buckets stand out from the crowd.

Rhinox Tilting ditching bucket features

What are Tilting Ditching Buckets used for?

Tilting Ditching buckets allow for greater flexibility for creating more complex shapes and forms whilst doing groundworks etc.

These attachments are especially popular with landscapers and other users such as greens builders at golf clubs etc where more complex ground shapes are being built regularly.

Custom Branding Options

Rhinox now offer custom paintwork for our full range of buckets and attachments.

Initally available in 5 basic colours (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange) we offer a unique way to make your buckets easily identifiable and reduce the chance of them getting lost on site.

Click Here for more information on bucket customisation
  • Helps prevent losing buckets on site
  • Maintain a corporate identity
  • Enable easy identification of size ranges
  • Reduces chance of buckets being stolen
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
Excavator Buckets custom painted Orange
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue badge
Excavator Buckets custom painted Green
Excavator Buckets custom painted Blue
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