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Rhinox Broomex Excavator Sweeper Brush

The Rhinox Broomex attachment is a sweeper/brush attachment designed to fit on both excavators and telehandlers using the same bracket.

This means that one broom will fit both your telehandler and excavator without having to buy multiple attachments, and massively reduces the need for expensive sweeper hire.

See a Broomex Attachment in action:

What machines can you fit the Broomex Attachment on?

The Rhinox Broomex attachment is designed to be used on excavators in the 8 ton and 13 ton machine size range. We can manufacture to suit most makes and models available on the market today.

The attachment can also be fitted to any forklift including Standard counterbalance, rough terriain and telehandlers.

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Rhinox Broomex Excavator Sweeping Brush
The excavator version of the Broomex attachment is fitted with fork pockets (for a forklift) and also a headstock for picking up with the excavator quickhitch.


Rhinox Broomex Telehandler Brush Attachment
The forklift only version of the Broomex is fitted only with fork pockets to allow it to be used on any forklift including standard counterbalance, rough terrain and telehandlers.

What makes the Rhinox Broomex unique?

  • One attachment fits both excavators and telehandlers without having to swap brackets
  • Reduces manual sweeping time by up to 98%
  • Patented twisted end brushes means you can sweep close to walls or curbs
  • Will hold and push bulk volumes of material in 1 sweep, minimising sweeping time
  • More rows of bristles than any other broom available on the market
  • Heavy duty bristles will sweep more than 450 miles before needing to be replaced!

Save money on Sweeper Hire

Another important consideration when looking at the Return on Investment of a Rhinox Broomex attachment is the cost of sweeper hire.

The ability to have an attachment on a site that can quickly and easily clear up roads and driveways massively reduces the need to have a sweeper on site, and as a result saves large amounts of money.

It also helps to keep areas around a site clean and tidy keeping nearby residents and other stakeholders happy!