We have a range of specialist attachments available for excavators from 3/4 ton up to 21 ton.

With in-house manufacturing capability, we can design and manufacture specialist attachments including Riddle Buckets, Hammer Mounting Brackets, Land Rakes and Ripper Teeth to name a few!

Attachments can be adapted to suit your specific requirements so that you can perform a task as efficiently as possible.


  • Riddle Bucket

  • Hammer Mounting Brackets

  • Land Rakes

  • Excavator Pallet Forks

  • Ripper Tooth

  • We can offer bespoke branding option for buckets if required – Buckets can be branded with the machine manufacturer logo etc
  • Buckets can be fleet numbered if required

Please ask the sales team for further details, call 08453 840 840

Pallet forks for excavators

Pallet Forks

The Excavator Pallet Forks attachment allows a machine to be adapted to pick up pallets reducing the need for a telehandler on site.  This is particularly valuable on a site where space is a premium.

The Rhinox Pallet Forks are designed to suit both 13 Ton and 21 Ton Excavators.

Rhinox Riddle Bucket

Riddle Bucket

Rhinox hold a range of Riddle Buckets on stock for a variety of excavators from 0.75 ton up to 24 ton.

Riddle buckets are typically used to riddle our soil and hardcore from sand and soil.  A big hit with builders and small contractors, a riddle bucket allows soil to be reclaimed and processed on site, saving costs and reducing the need to skips and muck-away.

The Rhinox riddle bucket has vertical riddling bars for maximum strength of the bucket and efficient riddling action.

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land clearance rake

Land Clearance Rake

Typically used for clearing waste land of light vegetation, we can offer land rakes to suit your application. We carry stock of these to suit some of the common machines in the market, but we can also manufacture bespoke items to suit your requirements. The length and spacing of the tines can be altered to suit specific applications.

To find out more about our range of Land Clearance Rakes click here

ripper tooth for digger

Ripper Teeth

Traditionally used to break up and disturb extremely compact ground, we can manufacture these items to suit your requirements. With the shank of the attachment made from hardened steel you can be sure that this will offer long serviceability.

To find out more about our range of Ripper Teeth Click Here

concrete pouring bucket

Concrete Pouring Bucket

The Rhinox Concrete Pouring Bucket is designed for easy positioning of concrete and other loose materials such as shingle into footings and drainage trenches.

To find out more about our range of Concrete Pouring Buckets click here

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Looking for a specialist excavator attachment for your application?

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