micro trenching bucket

Micro Trenching …revolutionising Utilities contracts nationwide!

Working on a price per meter scheme, utilities contractors are constantly looking for more efficient and quicker ways of installing cabling and ducting. Alongside this, they are looking to reduce reinstatement and maintenance costs while keeping the needs of local residents in mind.

With the modern world developing, people are requiring higher internet speeds and bandwidth. This means the growth of the fibre optic network is certainly a daunting, yet exciting challenge for most utilities contractors.

It is estimated that a massive 95% of the UK will have access to Super-Fast Broadband by the end of 2017, with future plans to get the Super-Fast Broadband to the final 5%. In total, Government, Local Authority and the European Union have invested over £1.7 billion so far to extend the Super-Fast Broadband network.

Interested in seeing the Super-Fast / Fibre Optic Broadband ‘Phase 1’ allocation in your area? Follow the link below:


Of course, this is one of many contracts that are going ahead in the near future!

After a lot of research, Rhinox Buckets saw this as an opportunity to help the utilities contractors make the most of the opportunity. And so the Deep Dig – or ‘Micro Trenching’ bucket was developed.

The deep dig bucket is a narrow built bucket. At just 75mm wide it is ideal for installing smaller diameter piping and cables, without digging unnecessary amount of materials. Not only does this increase the efficiency of the initial digging, it also helps to massively reduce reinstatement costs!

The Rhinox Deep Dig or micro trenching buckets come in 2 depths – 700mm (just over 2 foot) and 450mm (nearly 1.5 foot) sizes, which means it retains the ability to dig deep trenches. The buckets are also designed to work alongside the micro-trenching, or duo bladed saws, meaning the buckets will come in handy when laying utilities under pavements or road ways.

So if you are looking to lower your reinstatement costs and increase the meters installed per day, make sure your excavators are equipped with a Rhinox Deep dig excavator bucket.